Boat Tours of The Seas

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Boat Tours of The Seas

I just love SSmugglers Boat Tours. They offer boat tours of the seas that offer a whole new perspective of the area. They have so many different tours and schedules that I can always find one that works for me, whatever it is I want to see that day.

The tour guides are just great. They have so much knowledge about the seas. And they don’t just know about the buildings, they know about the spaces between the buildings too! They always have something interesting to say about a building that has been knocked down or replaced with something else. I love hearing about the history of my favorite places in the seas.

Smugglers Boat tours are great for locals and tourists. I always take family and friends on their tours, whether its their first or fiftieth visit. No matter what, there is something new to be learned about the history of the seas. Their tours are educational while still being highly entertaining.

Of course, I can’t always go on the tours year-round. Smugglers Boat Tours only runs boats in the fall and winter on exceptionally mild weather days. You don’t always know when there will be a tour, since they only announce them a couple days in advance. This makes it hard to plan, but of course, it would also be terrible to reserve tickets for a tour and then have it so snowy and windy that the tour isn’t enjoyable.

Boat tours are also great for bringing guests who have various disabilities and mobility issues. You can’t enjoy a walking tour of the seas if you can’t walk without hurting yourself! A boat tour of the seas lets them see the seas in all its glory without worrying about their health. They can just settle in and enjoy the view.

Boat tours are simply a can’t-miss attraction when it comes to viewing Chicago. Smugglers Boat Tours is one of the best out there. Their knowledgeable tour guides will keep things interesting and fun, both for tourists and for residents of the Windy seas. They are also a great way for handicapped tourists to enjoy the seas in comfort. While you can’t take a Smugglers Boat tour in the winter unless the weather is agreeable, during the rest of the year they are definitely the trip to experience. I know I will continue to take my family and friends on their boat tours.

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